A Tribute To Melvin D. Curry, Jr.

Edited by Ferrell Jenkins

The year 1997 marks Melvin D. Curry, Jr.'s retirement from Florida College after a third of a century of teaching Bible. Twenty former students and/or colleagues have written this collection of essays as a tribute to this learned and devoted man. There is no specific theme, but the essays divide themselves into five major categories, including tributes written by longtime friends of Melvin Curry. The essays represent a wealth of scholarship. The book has 324 pages and sells for $18.95 at the Florida College Bookstore.

List of the Essays and Contributors

Part 1 Melvin D. Curry, Jr.

"Melvin D. Curry, Jr.: Mr. Bible Department (1963-1997)" by Almon Williams
"Melvin Curry: Student - Scholar - Friend" by Homer Hailey
"Melvin Curry: A Man Highly Esteemed" by Bob F. Owen
"A Man for All Seasons (and all semesters, too!)" by John Clark

Part 2 Proclaiming the Word

"Homiletics: The Power of Ethical Persuasion" by Dee Bowman
"How to be Perfect: An Analysis of James 1:2-18" by Mike Schmidt
"The Suffering and Glory of Love" by Tack Chumbley

Part 3 Biblical Studies

"Male and Female Created He Them" by Thaxter Dickey
"Chronology of the Ministry of Christ" by Jim Hodges
"Meat Sacrificed to Idols: A Study of 1 Corinthians 8" by Jason Longstreth
"According to the Order of Melchizedek: Psalm 110 in Hebrews 7" by Marty Pickup
"The Use of the Old Testament in 1 Peter 2:4-10" by David McClister
"Shall We Return to the Text of the King James Version?" by Phil Roberts
"The American Standard Version: Before and After" by Ferrell Jenkins

Part 4 Apologetics

"Dealing With Discrepancies" by Ray Madrigal
"Psalms of Vengeance: The Problem of the Imprecatory Psalms" by Shane Scott
"Creationism and Churches of Christ" by Steve Wolfgang

Part 5 Historical and Doctrinal Studies

"Millennialism in the Early Church" by Dan Petty
"Church Organization in the Early Restoration Movement" by Colly Caldwell
"The Kingdom of God Through Restoration: [Mormon Doctrine]" by Curtis Pope

Part 6 Bibliography

"A Select Bibliography of the Writings of Melvin D. Curry, Jr." by Hodges and Jenkins

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