Florida College Retirement
and Presentation of Festschrift





Added to Faculty Gallery. A few years ago FC added a Faculty Gallery in the new addition of the Chatlos Library to honor retired faculty members who had taught at least 15 years at FC. In a formal ceremony May 17 my photo was added as the 23rd faculty member to be so honored. The wall includes James R. Cope, Homer Hailey, Clinton D. Hamilton, Bob F. Owen, Melvin Curry and others who are well-known to former students. Pictured (left to right): Buddy Payne, Dean; Elizabeth Jenkins; Ferrell Jenkins; Colly Caldwell, President.






Jenkins Family. It was a genuine pleasure to have my family present to see me "framed" and "hung" in the Faculty Gallery. Stan and Terri are on the left. Ferrell, Jr. and Johnna are on the right.

Jenkins family
Elizabeth,  Ferrell, Jr., Stanley


Family Portrait. Elizabeth retired in 1999 and Almon Williams, long-time history professor retired in 2000. The administration graciously switched the portraits of Almon and Elizabeth so that our portraits could be adjacent. Elizabeth stands to the left of her portrait and Ferrell, Jr. and Stanley stand to the right of my photo. The four of us earned the Associate in Arts degree at Florida College. Elizabeth completed the BS and MA degrees at the University of South Florida. Ferrell, Jr. completed his work at Western Kentucky University; Stan at the University of South Florida. I earned the Certificate of Achievement in Bible at FC and the Master of Arts in New Testament at the Harding University Graduate School of Religion.

The Three Lovely Women of My Life. Here our portraits are flanked by Elizabeth on the left and Johnna and Terri on the right.
Elizabeth, Johnna, Terri
Dinner in Historic Sutton Hall. About 120 of my Florida College associates were present for a wonderful meal and evening. President Caldwell, Dean Payne and Professor Ray Hinds made presentations. Dean Petty announced the intention to publish a festschrift on the Gospel of John in the spring of 2002. Elizabeth and I were married in Sutton Hall in 1954. Stan and Terri were married there in 1994. Ferrell, Jr. and Johnna were married in Hutchinson Auditorium 1991.
Three Chairs. Melvin Curry, left, served as chair of the Biblical Studies department at Florida College for between 15 and 20 years after the retirement of Homer Hailey. Ferrell Jenkins served in that role for the past 10 years. Dan Petty (center) has been chosen as the new chair of the department.
Dan Petty presents festschrift to Ferrell Jenkins Festschrift Presented. Daniel W. Petty, chair of Biblical Studies at Florida College, presents the first copy of God So Loved: Studies in the Gospel of John to Ferrell Jenkins at the Florida College lectures, Feb. 4, 2002. This festschrift contains 23 scholarly and practical essays written by colleagues and friends of Jenkins. During my years of teaching at Florida College, I taught courses in The Gospel and Epistles of John and The Book of Revelation.
God So Loved
God So Loved. This collection of Studies in the Gospel of John is a book of 379+ pages. It is available from the Florida College Bookstore for $17.95. Call toll-free 1-800-423-1648 (or 1-800-922-2390 in Florida). Florida College Press. ISBN (cloth) 0-9674231-1-2.

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